our management team has provided strata management services across sydney for over 18 years. ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and mixed use developments.

in business today it is understood that the key elements to survival are trust, knowledge and efficiency. in addition, it is vital that we as your advocate and nominated representing body defend you on tough building and construction issues when raised by individual proprietor’s. without such diligence, you as the proprietor or developer can face many striking issues.

if your levies are too high, your building is run down or simply your strata complex is mismanaged- ‘make the change’. by allowing our company to provide a detailed prospectus, we will report by first conducting a thorough site inspection, identify non compliance and defect issues, reassess your current budget and provide an overall diagnosis of the owner’s corporation.


our services

we provide the following:

  • obtain a common seal
  • assist in the formulation and registration of strata by-laws
  • as appointee take full responsibility of managing the owners corporation
  • assist the executive committee
  • forecast and formulate the budget
  • obtain insurance quotations and handle all insurance claims
  • strata levy collection, arrears and debt collection
  • handle all financial, accounting & taxation requirements as required by legislation
  • conduct & orchestrate required meetings, agendas & minutes relevant to the owners corporation
  • maintain all certification requirements including fire services, and wh & s compliance
  • monitor and maintain facility management services to all common elements